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AD VICTORIUM  Means "For Victory." When you are facing challenges in your day, Ad Victorium will give you the edge you need to fight for victory, to win, to succeed. With a masculine toned Spicy-Sweet, Musk, and Sandalwood scent, you will win.

DEO VOLENTE  "God Willing" is a scent for the man who knows that he will give it his all, and he will succeed, God willing. Deo Volente includes tones of refreshing florals and musk. 

VENI VIDI VICI   In Latin, the term Veni, Vidi, Vici means "I came, I saw, I conquered." With touches of Leather, Cedarwood, Lemon and Spicy Tobacco, you will feel bold, brave and successful.

INVICTA  For the man who is "Unconquered" this unique combination of Patchouli, Vanilla, Clove, Sandalwood, and Leather will serve as a reminder to all who come close that you are unconquered.

OMNIA PARATUS  "Ready For Anything" is a term not fitting for all men. But if you are focused, sharpened and determined, then you are Omnia Paratus. Fresh Allspice, Nutmeg, and Vanilla make this scent as ready as you are.

SEMPER FORTIS  "Always Brave" is a combination of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Rum. Courage isn't common anymore. Semper Fortis is for the man who still has it.

REIGN  From the Latin "Regnare" means to have royal power, be king, to rule.  Whether at the office, on the playing field or in life. Reign delivers hints of Tobacco leaves, Citrus and Bay Leaves.  

UNSCENTED  At times, it's best to go in stealth mode, like a modern-day Ninja. You need the benefits of Tactical Beard Oil, but you have to go in unnoticed. With our unscented option, you can get all of the benefits while flying under their radar.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Abyssinian Seed Oil, 100% Pure Essential & Fragrant Oils, 100% Badass Attitude & A Winning Spirit


A list of the tactical Beard Oil features


What is beard wash or beard shampoo?

Beard Wash, (sometimes called beard shampoo) -do you need it? Well, In a recent study, it was determined that men's beards could have more bacteria and microbes than an average dog's fur. Think about that. Your beard is dirtier than a dog. But before you go running for the shaving cream and razor, think about this: your beard can be one of the cleanest parts of your body. How? By using good, natural beard washes daily.

So what's the solution? Sadly, many men run to Walmart or Target looking for the best beard wash or the best beard shampoo. Now we love us some Walmart and Target, but there are just certain things that a man with a glorious beard shouldn't do. Going to any large chain store to buy beard products is one of them and you are certainly unlikely to find the best beard wash.

What's in Tactical Beard Wash?

These days we are all making efforts to use more natural ingredients in our life. Simply put, there just isn't room for tons of chemicals and artificial ingredients in our lives like there used to be, and that holds especially true when dealing with matters of the beard. 

You should avoid any sort of beard products that contain harsh sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. When you use these products, you will certainly not be doing your beard any favors. Many of the substances that work to clean your beard do, in fact, damage the surface of the beard hairs. This process allows for a rougher texture and the escape of essential hydration that keeps your beard full and healthy.

Tactical Beard Wash contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, and salt. These natural ingredients help to clean and condition not only your beard but your skin underneath as well. But you may be wondering why we use salt in our beard wash. 

This little hidden truth may surprise you. The salt helps to cleanse pores, balance oil production deeply, and stop the growth of bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne on your face. Are you surprised? Many men are. It's a little secret that helps make Tactical Beard Wash the best beard wash, hands down.

 The scent of crisp tobacco leaves, citrus, and bay leaves is a very fresh smell and will leave you wanting to hit the shower more than once a day! Our Tactical Beard Wash lathers up nicely and washes away cleanly, leaving you with one clean, fresh beard. 

How do I use Tactical Beard Wash?

Beard wash is like shampoo to your beard. Much like you would wash the hair on your head, you put a bit of our beard wash in your palms and then work it gently throughout your beard. Next, be amazed at the level of suds you will get with our beard wash. After a gentle scrubbing, rinse your beard with water from the shower and then move on with scrubbing other important parts of your body. Be thorough, you are a tactical man. A good looking, great smelling, tactical man. 

We recommend following your shower with a good, gentle combing with one of our Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs to sort things out. After a gentle pat dry, an application of our Tactical Beard Oil will seal the deal for the day, leaving your beard in a wonderful, glorious state.

If you take your beard all the way to dry status after washing it, consider applying a dab of our Tactical Beard Balm into your palms, melt a bit there, then glaze your beard with it. Heating our stainless steel comb under hot water then running it through your beard after either product will help evenly distribute the excellent beard products.

Is Tactical Beard Wash the best beard wash?

We truly believe the unique combination of ingredients and scents all backed up with our "Love Your Beard Guarantee" and "Always $5 Shipping" on any sized order makes ours the best beard wash. We believe you will love our beard products too.

Do you guarantee your beard wash?

Remember, we are so sure that you will love our Beard Wash and other Tactical Beard Products that we offer a 100 percent satisfaction with our "Love Your Beard Guarantee." Also, no matter how many products you order, we have the "Always $5 Shipping," which will get you your entire order for just five bucks. There's really no reason to not try our Tactical Beard Wash. It's formulated so well, works incredibly and your happiness is guaranteed. In a word, we think it's the best beard wash option out there.


Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Cocamidopropyl Betaine [a natural surficant], Sodium Decyl Glucoside (obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant-based fatty alcohols [coconut and sugar], Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate [a natural, food-grade emulsifier], Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride [salt], Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Ethylhexylglycrin & Phenoxyethanol [a anti-microbial preservative used in natural-based products], Rice Bran Oil, Distilled Water, Paraben-Free Essential Fragrance Oil. 

Best Beard Oil?

Every single day men across the world search for the "best beard oil" on the internet. In our opinion, we have created the best beard oil and we have countless customers who agree with us. But what exactly makes ours the best? Several things make Tactical Beard Oil the best. First, our ingredients are hand-selected and are considered by many to be the best all-natural ingredients to make your beard the very best it can be. 

Second, we believe we have the best beard oil and stand behind it with a full, no questions asked happiness policy. We don't just guarantee our beard oil for 30 days and then make you send in the leftover product plus charge you to ship a replacement (that's what our competition does.) Nope, we send the replacement free and fast. We want you to not only be happy, but we also want you to be thrilled.

Third, our scent profiles are COMPLEX, not average and "standard." Each scent has a Latin name that actually means something. After much testing and applying our knowledge of what makes great men great, we came up with each scent for our best beard oil.

So do we have the best beard oil? Yes, we believe we do and we know you will agree.

What is beard oil?

The best beard oil is a mystery to some, but not to us at Tactical Beards. We figured this out from day one: use natural ingredients. But, here's the thing. Being natural alone isn't enough; sugar is natural, fat is also natural. But, neither of these are necessarily right for you if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The same holds for all beard products. It's not just important that the ingredients be natural, but instead that they are the RIGHT natural ingredients. 

We've seen everything from greasy oils to synthetic fragrances in some beard products and especially beard oils. What that means is an ill absorbing, dust, and grime grabbing beard. That's a no go. On the contrary, Tactical Beard Oil contains the right natural ingredients, including avocado oil, hemp seed oil, cherry kernel oil, Abyssinian seed oil, 100% pure essential & fragrant oils. That's part of what makes ours the best beard oil. 

  • Vitamins & Antioxidants
  • Omega Fatty Acids & Proteins
  • Protection From Elements
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Natural Astringent
  • Allow For Enhanced Beard Growth
  • Help Maintain Thicker Hair
  • Keep Skin Softened
  • Restore Damaged/Dry Hair
  • Reduce Split Ends
  • Dominate Your game
  • Get The Promotion
  • Steal Her Heart
  • Win

What's in our best beard oil?

So what about our natural ingredients makes our beard oil the best beard oil? Well, the avocado oil is pressed from the pulp of an avocado and contains a highly effective Omega 9 fat called Oleic acid. This fantastic fat is excellent for your hair, especially that glorious bit on your face called a beard. Avocado oil is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It absorbs quickly into your beard and, as a considerable side benefit, is excellent for your skin.

Hemp seed oil is also in most of our beard products. And, for good reason. Hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients, fatty acids, and beneficial bioactive compounds. In a word, hemp seed oil brings a lipid structure similar to our own, which allows the oil to penetrate and provide exceptional protection from oxidation, but in your skin and beard. Hemp seed oil is one of the better natural oils for beard oil products.

We add cherry kernel oil (a very unique added ingredient) because it contains natural antioxidants, alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E. Also, cherry kernel oil also known to have anti-aging properties. It improves elasticity & encourages the regeneration of skin cells. We endeavor to make the best beard oil, and perhaps now you understand how we accomplish this. 

Our "secret" Abyssinian seed oil is maybe the most unique natural ingredient in our Tactical Beard Oil. Also known as Crambe seed oil, it is currently one of the newest and most anticipated oils to hit the market for products like our beard oil. With a unique molecular structure, different than most oils, Abyssinian oil spreads quickly, locks in moisture, and never leaves a greasy feel. Before now, only silicone-based products could add a bit of beard gloss, but silicone typically feels very oily. Be excited about having a beard product, a beard oil that has both cherry kernel oil and Absynnian oil. You're in store for something great. Tactical Beard Oil will soon be the top-rated beard oil available.

Of course, you live with your beard all day, every day, so keeping it fresh and smelling wonderful is a critical part of the process. We add only the best natural essential oils and fragrances to make this the best beard oil ever. One of the things that set us apart from 'average" is the fact that all of our beard products have a good bit of attitude in every container. If you look below and check out the different scents, you will find something that's perfect for you, something that's perfect for the tactical you. The one who lives with intent and purpose. The one who wins. Losers don't need the best of anything, winners need the best beard oil.

Do you guarantee your best beard oil?

Remember that all of our beard product is covered by our one and only "Love Your Beard Guarantee" that gives you the confidence to purchase because you will love it or we will replace it, free, no strings attached. 

If you want to really treat your beard better than someone who buys their beard oil at Walmart, then consider getting one of our bench made, artesian crafted Bisson Stainless Steel Combs to work the oil through your beard. You'll look incredible, feel incredible and have one amazing comb you'll love to use.

The only thing that could make the best beard oil even better would be $5 shipping on any size order. So there, we will add that too. Enjoy our "Always $5 Shipping" on your orders. You are winning before you've even started using our beard products. You're welcome!