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Tactical Oil & Balm Combo (Plus Free Shirt)

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We've combined two of our hottest sellers to bring you the Tactical Oil & Balm Combo Set. Of course, you know that our beard oil is 100 percent all-natural and superexcellent for your beard, but did you know that when you combine it with our Tactical Beard Balm, you get even better protection and benefit for your beard? That's right, the oil penetrates deep to help nourish and heal your beard while the balm serves to seal in the hydrating effects of the oil and provide all-day hold for your glorious beard.

Choose from one of our incredible scents and get the perfect one-two combination of our Tactical Beard Oil and Tactical Beard Balm. Each container is two full ounces of excellence for your beard!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: for a limited time, we will also send you one of our Tactical Beard T-Shirts for free when you grab this fantastic combo. Be sure to note your size in your cart notes when placing your order. Sizes available are Small to 3 XL and all are black.

Of course, shipping is always just $5 for your entire order, no matter how many things you order and we back up our products with our "Love Your Beard Guarantee" that says you WILL be happy with our products or we will replace them free of charge!

Choose from our custom list of scents and pay particular attention to their meanings:


AD VICTORIUM  Means "For Victory." When you are facing challenges in your day, Ad Victorium will give you the edge you need to fight for victory, to win, to succeed. With a masculine toned Spicy-Sweet, Musk, and Sandalwood scent, you will win.

DEO VOLENTE  "God Willing" is a scent for the man who knows that he will give it his all, and he will succeed, God willing. Deo Volente includes tones of refreshing florals and musk. 

VENI VIDI VICI   In Latin, the term Veni, Vidi, Vici means "I came, I saw, I conquered." With touches of Leather, Cedarwood, Lemon and Spicy Tobacco, you will feel bold, brave and successful.

INVICTA  For the man who is "Unconquered" this unique combination of Patchouli, Vanilla, Clove, Sandalwood, and Leather will serve as a reminder to all who come close that you are unconquered.

OMNIA PARATUS  "Ready For Anything" is a term not fitting for all men. But if you are focused, sharpened and determined, then you are Omnia Paratus. Fresh Allspice, Nutmeg, and Vanilla make this scent as ready as you are.

SEMPER FORTIS  "Always Brave" is a combination of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Rum. Courage isn't common anymore. Semper Fortis is for the man who still has it.

REIGN  From the Latin "Regnare" means to have royal power, be king, to rule.  Whether at the office, on the playing field or in life. Reign delivers hints of Tobacco leaves, Citrus and Bay Leaves.  

UNSCENTED  At times, it's best to go in stealth mode, like a modern-day Ninja. You need the benefits of Tactical Beard Balm, but you have to go in unnoticed. With our unscented option, you can get all of the benefits while flying under their radar.