A stainless steel beard comb with wooden handles

EDC Tactical Beard Comb - Limited Edition Series 1

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Bisson Thick Beard Comb No. 3 Specs.

This badass stainless comb is made for thick beards. It is very similar to our Bisson Thick Beard Comb No. 2 with the exception being a slight design difference near finger cut out. Take a look at both and see which you like better. 6.37" mirror polished T-304 Stainless Steel. Ingredients at the bottom of the description.

Are stainless steel combs bad for your beard?

You'll certainly read lots of pretty and colorful websites that say they are bad for your beard, but if you keep reading, the reasoning is because the typical metal comb is stamped and has rough edges that really are bad for your beard. But, our Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs are mirror polished to exacting detail. There's nothing that could be more gentle on your beard. Well, maybe your best girl's fingertips, but we digress. The other thing you'll hear often is that metal combs have static issues. Oops. Guess again. SOME metal combs do because they are cheap alloy. Our combs are American T-304 stainless steel, known for its anti-static properties.  In a word, our beard combs are the antithesis of every steel comb hater's expectations. Big word huh? Well, suffice it to say, these combs are nothing like that stuff you read out there. They are smooth and static-free. 

Stainless Steel Beard Combs, Really?

Oh, most definitely. Stainless Steel Beard Combs are like dragons. They can be beautiful, or they can be ugly, but one thing about all of them, they are badass. Tactical Beards exclusively sells Bisson Stainless Steel Beard and Moustache Combs. These combs are made of American T-304 stainless steel that is shipped up to Canada where they are then bench made into the gorgeous artesian combs that we sell.

Of course, there are a few versions of stainless steel beard combs on the market, but many of them are not so interesting to look at or enjoyable to use. Some of them look like farm implements. And, while your beard may seem like an unplowed field, it certainly deserves better than something that looks like it came from the lawn and garden department at Target. Or, by contrast, some stainless steel beard combs are so fundamental that they are meh at best. Meh. No thanks.

Why T-304 Stainless Steel For The Combs?

T-304 stainless steel is one of the better steels for corrosion resistance (of course if you use Tactical Beards products this isn't an issue) and more importantly, very resistant to static electricity. You can imagine why being static electricity resistant is so crucial to your beard. Another important aspect of our stainless steel beard and moustache combs is that they warm up nicely under hot running water. After you heat one of our stainless combs, it will help distribute beard butter, beard balm or beard oil much more evenly. 

Another important aspect of using a Tactical Beard Stainless Steel Beard & Moustache Comb is the fact that they are super durable. How many times have we cracked or broken wood and plastic beard combs? The truth is, the longer your beard gets, the more prone to tangles and beard rats you become. An issue like that is never much of a deterrent to our stainless steel combs. Remember that the longer and more curly your beard, the wider you need the teeth. We have beard combs made for long and shorter beards and even moustaches.

One of the things we hear from time to time about stainless steel beard and moustache combs is that they don't move through your beard very easily. Well, that's a blanket statement that is true for "unpolished" combs. Remember that all of our stainless steel combs are mirror finished. They will glide through your beard like a hot knife through butter.

What makes Stainless Steel Tactical Beard Combs the best beard combs?

  • quality T-304 stainless steel won't break
  • mirror polished to glide through your beard
  • may be heated under hot water to spread beard products
  • resists corrosion and rust
  • bench-made by artisans
  • heirloom quality
  • lifetime warranty
  • the are just gorgeous
  • comb out knots easily with our unique finger hole
  • style with luxury
  • easily clean your comb with hot water
  • teeth won't break unlike plastic combs
  • will last you a lifetime and pass it down generations

Lots of things make these stainless beard combs the best beard combs. The steel is American made T-304 stainless steel. Canadian artisans bench make (handcraft) each comb to exacting specifications. These are not some mass-produced beard combs; these are actual heirloom-quality combs. Each comb is mirror polished and inspected for perfection. These stainless beard combs have so much going for them that you'll probably wonder why you don't have 3 of them. Bisson Co. creates these masterpieces for us, and we love them. Indeed, we believe they are the best beard combs.

Do these incredible stainless steel beard combs have a warranty?

Yes, one of the best in the business. We warranty these beard combs against damage for the entire time that the original owner owns it. They are so strong; they should genuinely last a lifetime. But things happen. If your comb becomes damaged, email us at 100percent@TacticalBeards.com and let us know. You will need to send it back to us, and we will either repair, replace or refund the original purchase price at our discretion. We don't warrant loss, obviously, but we certainly cover the damage. You have to be the original owner, and you need to take a minute to register the comb when you but it, but that's it. Simple and badass. 

Will these beard combs help my beard grow?

One of the most critical steps for helping your beard growth is daily combing, and proper application of beard products equates to good beard grooming practices. Of course, options like plastic and wood beard combs are out there, but they tend to break, absorb and hold onto beard oil and definitely can't be heated up like an excellent stainless steel beard comb can be. 

Imagine running this mirror finished, smooth as silk beard comb through your beard. You may look forward to getting up in the morning and creating the perfect beard style for yourself. Take a hot shower to open the pores on your skin, add your beard oil then spread it throughout your glorious beard with the beautiful Bisson Thick Beard Comb No. 3. 

Ingredients: Pure, All American T-304 Stainless Steel, Hard Work, Skill, Sweat, Tears and a hint of 100% Pure Badassery.

Imperial = 6.37" x 1.5" / Metric = 162 x 38

A list of what goes into stainless steel beard combs