A Bisson Wood & Stainless Beard Pick No.2

Bisson Wood & Stainless Beard Pick No.2

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What is a Bisson Wood & Stainless Steel Beard Pick No. 2?

Imagine a pick for your beard. Now imagine that it is handcrafted by Canadian artisan craftsmen of US T-304 Stainless Steel. Keep imagining. Now, how about some incredibly beautiful wood scales (wood handles) that are crafted from a piece of wood to make a two-sided handle? Take all of that and mirror polish the teeth so that the stainless beard pick glides through your beard. There, that's what the Bisson Wood & Stainless Steel Beard Pick is. Want one? Of course, you do. The full ingredient list is below the description.

How big is the Bisson Wood & Stainless Steel Beard Pick No. 2?

This little bad boy measures nearly 3 inches square. In other words, it's big enough to get the job done, but not so big that you can't throw it in your overnight bag and hit the road.  

Why is the Bisson Wood & Stainless Pick the BEST pick?

The materials, the craftsmanship and the specs of the Bisson Wood & Stainless Beard Pick make it the best beard pick out there, just ask us. Truly, how often are you going to get a beard pick that is bench made of a material that is resistant to corrosion, won't break on you and is naturally anti-static? There are wood, plastic and other materials out there, but they aren't 1/2 as cool and you'd never hand one of those down to your kid. This one you would. 

Another thing that makes our Bisson stainless steel beard products stand out as the best beard products, is the lifetime warranty against breakage. That's right, out stainless steel picks and combs are guaranteed against any form of damage for as long as the original purchaser owns it. If it were to get damaged in any way (not including loss) just send it back. We will either repair, replace or refund the original purchase price of the beard pick. Simple and excellent.

How should I use this stainless steel pick?

If you have a particularly thick or curly beard hair, you are going to want to work this beard pick through your beard after you've applied a reasonable amount of our Tactical Beard Oil. Of course, starting with a clean, fresh beard is always best. We recommend using our Aloe & Hemp Beard Wash or our Tactical Beard, Face & Moustache Soap in the shower. Afterward, towel dry your beard then apply the tactical Beard Oil. Heat up the pick under hot, running water. After that, gently pick your beard until it's nice and fluffy. Use your hands to bring it back down to the perfect style that you prefer. If you need some good hold for your beard, glaze on a bit of our Tactical Beard Balm.

Ingredients: Pure, All American T-304 Stainless Steel, Hard Work, Skill, Sweat, Tears and a hint of 100% Pure Badassery.

Bisson Wood & Stainless Beard Pick No. 2

Imperial = 2.875in x 3in / Metric = 73 x 76