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Tactical Beard's "Moustache Wax"

Tactical Beard's "Moustache Wax"

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Is it "Moustache Wax" or "Mustache Wax"?

At Tactical Beards, we prefer to say Moustache Wax, but we certainly can respect both. The fact is, whatever you call it, we want to help you take care of it with some of the best moustache products available. However, one of the most common mistakes is to treat your moustache like its a beard. You may be asking yourself, "Isn't it all the same?" You wouldn't be alone in thinking that way; however, it's not so much that the moustache and beard are different types of facial hair or anything like that, but rather that they each require a different form of care. But we will get more into that in a bit.

  • Keep hair out of your mouth
  • Train hair into shape
  • Use very lightly (you don't want to see it)
  • Eliminate + Prevent Static Build Up
  • Look awesome
  • Impress your friends
  • Make other guys jealous

What's in Tactical Beard Moustache Wax?

Tactical Moustache Wax has the perfect combination of carnauba wax, Cera Alba (Beeswax), avocado butter, lanolin anhydrous, tree sap, 100% pure essential oils, and paraben-free fragrant oils. Each of these ingredients makes for the best moustache wax you can find. 

The carnauba wax (also known as Brazil wax) is from a plant that only grows in Brazil. Thanks to it's hypoallergenic and emollient properties, and the ability to provide a real shine, Carnauba wax is very well suited to moustache wax. However, the Carnauba wax is not as good alone as it is with Cera Alba (the beeswax created by friendly honeybees.) So we combine both of these waxes as a base for the best moustache wax.

Avocado butter is excellent for many reasons. First of all, it is an excellent antioxidant with lots of vitamin E in it, making it great for your skin as well as your moustache. There is a fair amount of protection from the sun in avocado butter, and the composition makes it spread quickly into the moustache. 

Lanolin, derived from the shorn wool of domestic sheep, is commonly used in high-value cosmetics. It is known to contribute to increased hydration levels in the skin and moustache. Lanolin, which is easily absorbed into skin cells, which allows it to help repair the skin and hair's function. 

Tree sap, taken predominantly from Spruce, Fir or Pine trees serves as the centuries-old standard for moustache wax, and the best moustache wax wouldn't be as great of a moustache product without it. Some moustache recipes call for just tree sap and a coincidental amount of some other ingredients, however in these cases, skin irritation and a real breakdown of the moustache itself are possible. The good news is that the moustache wax recipe that Tactical Beards maintains is the exact opposite of that. Nice texture and a nourishing hold are what this moustache product is all about.

Round out one of the best mustache combinations possible with 100 percent pure essential oils and fragrances and you have an unbeatable moustache wax.

Can I use moustache wax with beard balm, beard butter or oil?

The short answer is no; at least not at the same time. Here's why. The waxes in our moustache wax are soluble in oil. If you were to oil up your beard with our fantastic Tactical Beard Oil or our beard butter or beard balm first, you would undoubtedly lose some of the holding and shining properties of the moustache wax. 

How do I use Tactical Moustache Wax Then?

The best bet is to wash your moustache with our Tactical Aloe & Hemp Beard Wash or our Tactical Beard, Face & Moustache Soap Bar. After you shower, fully allow your 'stache to dry. After it's well dry, take a minimal amount of our moustache wax and begin to work it in and shape your 'stache. The point is to use a small amount and gingerly add more as needed until you achieve the desired effect. Use too much, and you may be starting over. 

On occasion, perhaps on a lazy weekend or day off, you'll want to give the 'stache a break and deeply hydrate it with either our Tactical Beard Oil or our Tactical Beard Butter. When you decide to take a moustache hydration day, using our Stainless Steel Moustache Comb #1 will be of excellent help working the moustache product deep into your 'stache.

What makes Tactical Moustache Wax the best moustache wax?

Several things make our brand the best moustache wax. First of all, the moustache wax recipe we follow is fantastic. Second, the ingredients are excellent. Third, we put a fair amount of tactical attitude in each container. If you don't know what that means, read our scent names and find the one for you. Find the one that speaks to who you are and where you are going in this world. 

Add all of this greatness to the fact that we stand behind our product 100 percent with our "Love Your Beard Guarantee" and the fact that we will ship any size order to you for just $5 with our "Always $5 Shipping" and you have something that you will love to have under your nose all day. Now, with whom are you going to share that awesomely waxed 'stache? The list will be long, be assured.  

Ingredients: Carnauba Wax, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Avocado Butter, Lanolin Anhydrous, Tree Sap, 100% Pure Essential Oils, Paraben-Free Fragrant Oils

A list of the Tactical Beard Moustache Wax features