Beard FAQ

Do I need beard butter, balm, oil or what?

It all depends on where you are in your beard growth journey. If you are just starting out, we would recommend using either our Tactical Beard Wash or our Beard, Face & Moustache Soap each day to wash your face and growing beard. This is a good practice from the stubble phase on. Once you have enough growth to pinch between your finger tips, we would recommend using our Tactical Beard Butter, both during the day and at night to nourish and promote healthy beard growth. Once you grow enough of a beard to rake it between your fingers, then it's time to add Tactical Beard Balm or Tactical Beard Oil to the routine. At this point, your beard is needing three things, a good cleaning each day, moisture and restoration and some level of control. Keep with the washing, use the Tactical Beard Butter at night before bed and then when you are ready to take on the next day, go with Tactical Beard Oil or Tactical Beard Balm. The choice between the balm and the oil is largely up to you and the condition of your beard and styling needs. The balm will be better for nourishing and shaping it while the oil is going to be better at nourishing it without hold. Personally we bounce between the two depending on dryness of the beard and whether we are needing lots of hold on any given day. If you are really lucky enough to not need lots of hold, the Tactical Beard Butter can work for through the day as well. 

What can I do to grow my beard faster?

It always seems so obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people fail at this: dont shave. Your tendency to want to trim the small, out of control hairs in your growing beard nearly ALWAYS lead you to trim more than you should. Another important part of growing a great beard, faster, is to take good care of your skin. We recommend using our Tactical Face, Beard & Moustache Soap on a regular basis. Of course, as your fledgling beard starts to grow, take care of it with our Tactical Beard Butter and Tactical Beard Oil. Once it's grown in a bit, you can start to manage it daily with our Tactical Beard Balm.

What's the difference between beard butter and beard balm? 

This is the age old question that come up all the time. In the case of Tactical Beards Products, our beard butter has less "cera alben" in it, which means that it has less wax. When you have more of the elements that hydrate and restore a beard and less of the elements that provide hold, you have a good beard butter. In the case of Tactical Beard Butter, we recommend using it at night when you sleep or on days where hold is not as important. When you are headed in to the office or need good hold for the shape of your beard on any particular day, our Tactical Beard Balm is the way to go. Both products include all natural ingredients such as Jojoba (pronounced ho-hoba) Butter, Moringa Butter, Avocado Butter, Hemp Seed Butter, Argan Oil, Cera Alba, and 100 percent pure Essential Oils.

Are beards dirty?

In recent research it was discovered that many men's beards had more bacteria and microbes than the same number of dogs tested at the same time. Unfortunately, that's just part of the territory. But, there is a solution. We recommend our Aloe & Hemp Tactical Beard Wash to get your glorious beard clean each and every day. Made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, and salt, this beard wash takes care of business. With a super clean, fresh scent and tons of rich lather, you will be the exception to the study.

Are beards in style in 2020? 

All you have to do is look around. Yes. They are in more than ever and still going strong. In fact, beards have been in style for many men since the literal beginning of time. The only men we expect to shave are those who couldn't handle a beard in the first place, but we don't actually count them!

What can I do about an itchy beard?

As it turns out, an itchy beard is actually itchy skin under the beard. What happens it that you may be letting your beard and skin dry out too much. Probably the best solution for an itchy beard is to use our Tactical Beard Butter and make certain that you push it all the way down to your skin. If oil is more of your thing, then our Tactical Beard Oil is specially designed for both skin and beard. Apply some liberally and often and keep that dry skin at bay.

Can beards be professional?

Of course they can. There is such a thing as a "business beard" that is a tighter, shorter beard, generally accepted in the highest of professional circles. The one thing that will usually get negative attention and look unprofessional is the unruly, out of control beard, much like a hairstyle gone awry. We recommend all of our Tactical Beard Products and our Bisson Stainless Steel Combs to keep your bad self looking professional.

Can beards get split ends?

Yes, beards are made up of hair that is similar to the rest of your body with a few exceptions. For one thing, beards tend to be composed of more stiff hair than the rest of your body. These hairs are prone to needing more moisturizing and special attention. With some great products and attention, your beard can be soft, strong and healthy! We recommend a program of beard wash, beard butter and balm. Beard oil is also a great adjunct to your beard regimen. Consider a great stainless steel comb as well. 

Can a beard actually make you better looking?

We, along with millions of women in the world think so. You see, it takes patience and perseverance to grow a beard. That's something not all men can do. That alone is enough to make many people respect you. But, can a beard make you better looking? Yes, if you take care of it and style it in a way that is popular. Think of a beard like clothing. You can wear some tattered, worn out comfy clothes and have a similar beard style, but that's not likely to impress anyone. Get those threads in order and shape up that beard then watch out. We would encourage you to check out our Tactical Beard Products and find a scent that fits who you are in life. It makes all the difference, not only to you, but to all who see you.

What beards are in fashion in 2020?

Beards are like hairstyles. They do follow trends, but it's largely a personal thing. It comes down to what you can pull off. Some people have buzz cuts or short haircuts and look fantastic. The same goes for beards, they can be short and tight or you may opt for a longer style, like longer hair on a man. The choice is yours. Find what you like on someone else then grow it. The good news is that if you hate it, it can be gone in 30 seconds.

What helps beards grow fuller?

Taking great care of your skin (and your health) such as getting great sleep seems to be key. Of course, once your beard is in, applying the best products to it and having a regular regimen of washing your beard can truly help it fill out to it's greatest potential. Regular combing with a good comb is important to distribute the natural sebum from your skin as well as distribute the products that you use throughout your beard.  We recommend Tactical Beard Wash and Tactical Beard Butter to truly help your beard gain its fullest potential and Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

For most of us, hair grows at a rate of about 1/4 inch per month. To get a true idea of what your potential is, you must wait at least three months to see how it will likely fill in. Are you growing faster and thicker on your chin and thinner on the cheeks? By three months you will get a great idea of the possibilities. Remember, don't shave or trim during this time if possible. And, of course, use the top products available for your soon-to-be glorious beard. We recommend all of the Tactical Beard products. From there, get an idea of how long you want your beard to grow to and then allow for 1/4 inch per month.

Where should I shave my cheek line when growing a beard?

If you will use the corner of your mouth as a starting point then draw an imaginary line to a point higher on your ear and trim just to that line, that's the starting point. Your mission then becomes to lower that line down your ear until you get to a point that looks good on you. Most men settle somewhere near the Tragus (the protrusion of your ear in the middle of your ear.) 

Why are beards awesome?

Because they are a symbol of raw masculinity and have stood as a sign of a strong man for centuries. We consider beards to be like clothing. Your face is the first and most memorable thing you show the world, so dress it appropriately. Take care of your beard and enjoy the benefits of being a man. It takes time, patience and lots of care to grow a great beard. This fact alone helps you gain respect; that and the fact that there is something mysterious and rebellious about a man with a great beard. Use some of our Tactical Beard Products and you will see the world in a different way, but more importantly, the world will see you differently. 

What's the best way to apply beard butter or beard balm?

For our Tactical Beard Butter, we like to apply it when the beard is slightly damp, especially after a nighttime shower with our Aloe & Hemp Beard Wash. Simply towel dry your beard then apply a small amount of beard butter into your palm. Emulsify it by rubbing your hands together then push and scrunch it through your beard. For extra help, heat up one of our Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs under hot running water then comb the product through your beard. If you are going to sleep or hanging around the house, apply a little extra to really help nourish and hydrate your beard. 

For our Tactical Beard Balm, we encourage you to start with a clean, dry beard. Apply a small amount of beard balm to your palms and rub it together. Use both hands to glaze the balm over the outer part of your beard and shape it as desired. If you have a particular issue with dryness, consider pushing some Tactical Beard Oil through your beard first, followed by a nice glaze of Beard balm.

Can I use Beard Oil or Beard Balm etc. on my moustache with moustache wax? 

Oddly enough, no, at least not at the same time. Here's the deal, moustache wax is predominantly wax, or in the case of Tactical Moustache Wax, a combination of waxes. These waxes will certainly become very pliable and lost their hold in most oils. Since beard oil and beard butter, etc. contain a large amount of oils, you can see why this isn't a great idea. 

What we do recommend is taking a day off here and there and letting your moustache have a break. During this "day off" from moustache wax, apply liberal amounts of Tactical Beard Oil or load up on our Tactical Beard Butter to help restore, hydrate and nourish your 'stache.