Tactical Beard Care Ambassadors

Here at Tactical Beard Care we pride ourselves on helping our bearded brothers achieve "Beard Greatness" and we wouldn't be able to do so without our amazing Special Ops Champions.
Our Tactical Beard Champions help raise awareness on the current beard trends across the UK and abroad.  They also carry a huge social media presence that allows them to keep their skills fresh.
As we all know the Beard Care industrty is now a vast and a popular industry and it is vital that our champions are able to keep track of the on going trends to deliver you the best possible advice.
They also carry with them an exclusive discount ability to help you achive that "on trend" look without having to break the bank!!!
Lets meet the Champions...

 Charles Fencott,  Salty Beards Barber Co.

My name is Charles Fencott and I am the founder and owner of Salty Beards Barber Co. the UK's first Pro Barbers, Surf Shop and Coffee House.

With Over 15 years as a professional Master Barber I am one of the top 10 finalists in the UK Barber Battle and have been for two years running within the British Master Barbers association.  I am also a RVCA Europe brand ambassador as well as a Tactical Beard Care ambassador.

The way men's trends and fashion is evolving, the barber shop and trade has now become an all encompassing lifestyle. I feel I am at the forefront of this with my work but also my life too.  I am by trade a "barber" but also a surfer, skater and snow boarder.

We are trying to build within the Barber shop a community for our customers to be a part of and with Tactical Beard Care and RVCA by my side, the sky is the limit.

Come and check out my Instagram here

 Phill Webster, Personal Trainer / Male model

Hi I am Phill Webster an English man living in the beautiful Finland were I am a Personal trainer with my company PrimateFit. Here I specialise in functional fitness and caveman style training approaches.

With a steady portfolio of Male modelling achievements under my belt I am now a proud ambassador for Tactical Beard Car. 

I have always had some sort of beard but I often ended up trimming and cutting it myself, least to say it didn't end well.  One day I decided to just leave it grow and from the day forward it has never looked any better. Couple that with the amazing Tactical Beard Care products I am on my way to "Beard Greatness"

Come and check out my Instagram here


Kevin Jackson, Engineer

I'm Kevin a 46 year old married father of 2 children. I'm into old (& new) VW's & camping.
I have had some form of facial hair since I was twenty years old. From Goatees, sideburns, chinstrap & stubble, you name it I've had it Lol.
I would normally grow a full beard during the Winter months & shave it back to a Goatee in the spring. A couple of years ago I just decided to keep growing the full beard & haven't looked back.
Around that time I started using beard oils & balms from various companies. I kept trying different ones because I was never really happy with the results, some would make my beard feel strawlike whilst others would make it feel heavy or greasy.The scents would either be overpowering, hardly noticeable or just wouldn't last.
Then I found out about Tactical Beard Care products & gave them a try. I ordered Tactical treacle balm & when it arrived Wow!! The smell was heavenly, it reminded me of my childhood eating Toffee apples on bonfire night. ( it smells of caramel & apple) The smell lasted all day & the balm kept my unruly face fuzz under control all day as well. I was hooked!
I signed up for the monthly subscription service which meant I could try a different product or scent each month at a discounted rate.
I haven't had a bad product yet. Every one I have tried smells devine, the shampoo makes my beard so fresh & soft, the oils don't feel greasy & keep the beard in tip top condition & the balms give great hold without feeling heavy.
I would highly recommend Tactical Beard Care products to everyone with a beard or to their partners to treat them!

Come and check out my Instagram here


Mike "The Mad Hatter" Clark, Mental Health Advocate & Tactical Enforcer

So my names Mike and I have a beard, be pretty ridiculous being a champion for a beard care company if I didn’t, wouldn't it?

I am a Dad to two boys a partner to 1 Suzi and I am a Mental Health advocate, blogger and sufferer, hence the nickname "The Mad Hatter".

With this being a personal bio, I could tell you about my likes and interests but you've come to this webpage for one thing, and that'll be your beard, or someone else's if you're buying a present for them. So let's keep things Beard-centric.

Throughout my adult life I have had to conform to looking certain ways for employment purposes and to fit what people deemed 'the norm' wherever I was working at that time. When I got to 30 years old I changed my career path from the corporate world to starting my own company Personal Training and with this came the freedom to start cultivating and growing a magnificent piece of facial hair.

So for the last 3 years almost I have messed around with growing my beard out to certain lengths and styles, until last year when I was very ill and incarcerated for 4 months and had to go basically back to clean shaven. Upon my return to full health I took the decision to grow my beard out, but to not mess around with it, just let it grow (with the odd occasional tidy up) but to do that properly I would need to care for my beard. This got me searching out Beard Care products and very quickly through the power of social media; I was introduced to Tactical Beard Care.

When there isn't a bad review from a cumulative 6000+ people across several 'beard groups' on Facebook, well let's just say it certainly spiked my interest. So my first order went in and makes that number 6001 as I was hooked straightaway, along with everyone else that recommended Tactical.

Here we are several months down the line of exclusively using Tactical and there is a scent in an oil or balm for every day and every occasion. From the 'manly' fragrance of "WHISKEY, TANGO, FOXTROT" to the sweet satisfying aroma of "TACTICAL TREACLE" - We have you covered for every need and want.

My beard means a lot to me, a hell of a lot in fact, and has come to almost define me as a person and my recovery. I wouldn't use any old rubbish on my beard, not with the emotional investment I have in it. For me there is only one Beard Care company and that is Tactical.

Stay bearded... Stay Tactical

"The Mad Hatter"

Come and check out my Instagram here


Red SeventyNine - Spary & artist


I'm known as "Red" to my friends (as well as for security reasons). Essex boy originally, since moved to the Midlands to chase the perfect family life.
37, Married with Two beautiful children.
I am a small business owner working in the field of Art and Design.. by Day CAD design by Night Graffiti inspired art.
I paint canvases, walls, digitally and I also teach young people.

I first started using Tactical via a recommendation from a friend and was instantly impressed. The smell is awesome but for me the set apart is the quality of the oil.. it's thicker than most which is lovely for the skin but also leaves my beard feeling softer for longer.

Looking forward to mingling with the Tactical Family and helping to spread the word #TacticalFamily

Colm Keenan - Peadiatric Nurse

Teifion Warman-Powell - Outdoor and survialist

Tom Hyde - Specialist Tactical Operative 

Tom is 34 years old and has been a supporter of Tactical Beard Care for a few years now. Tom has a thick beard but has to keep it shortish due to Operational requirements of his job. His role as a Tactical Champion falls in nicely with his job as a Tactical Specialist, so what better brand for him to use. His beard gets put through a lot of ordeals in the field with kits and nasty environments, so the products he uses have to be the best to keep the beard in check. Tom loves everything Viking and Spartan and thinks he’s a bit of a warrior himself (he’s not). Give him a shout should you need any advice on beards, products or barbers.

Thomas Fisher - Viking decendant tue to his roots

Thomas belive it or not is only 34 years old and a train engineer by trade. Being a family man he knows the importnace of his family roots and prides himself on this.

He is on his journey to grow the the most epic bear with the help of Tactical Bared Care ltd. Thomas states "he bring an unique look to the brand standing tall at 6'2' and 16st of pure muscle through his dedication to bodybuilding and a major tattoo enthusist.

check out his instagram <a href="https://www.instagram.com/inknmuscles"></a> 


If you feel you have what it takes to fly the Tactical Beard Care flag for our customers then please get in touch, we'd love to hear why you think you could be an amazing bearded ambassador. info@tacticalbeards.com