Our mission

At "Tactical Beards"  we pride ourselves on hand crafting the finest beard products and do so in small batches so that we're able to maintain a very high standard of quality and control.  All of the ingredients that go into making our beard products are all organic and free from sulphate, parabens, aqua and silicon which can damage and dry the hair follicles and inflame the skin under your beard leaving you itching and flaking. 

We've invested over two years of research into making our products and I have been growing my own beard for about the same amount of time (Tactical Beards Guinea Pig) .   I have used pretty much every single oil  balm and lotions available, but  none of which really made an impact on the way it made it feel, needless to say there was a lot of money wasted. 

At Tactical Beards we want to provide our customers with the very best product possible and to free them from making the same mistakes we had made in our search for the perfect beard products! 

Our 30ml bottles will on average last you at least a month dependant of the length and fullness of your beard so that YOU don't have to spend a fortune on looking amazing.

Given that our oils are totally organic you could double it up as an emergency gun oil...

Please not that we are in now way affiliated with the TBOC group, nor do we express any interest in doing so.

Tactical Beard Oil was born in 2009 out of appreciation for our armed forces and the hard work they conduct on a daily basis. With previous military experience we know how hard day to day life can be and the effects it has on your physical appearance. 

Our brand is not here to take anything away from our brothers & sister's but to  give something back, so If you are actively serving or you are an ex forces personnel then please get in touch with us for your discounts via this email address :