Beard Shampoo & Soap Bars

Using a beard shampoo or beard soap is a great way to begin your beard care regime, before applying beard oil, it helps to cleanse the beard of all the daily dirt and pollutants that your beard and hair come into contact with, allowing the hair to more easily absorb the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. With every wash you will notice that your beard will become softer and more manageable after each use.


100% natural deep cleansing soap made from a blend of high quality, nutrient rich vegetable oils. Castile is a popular choice with vegetarians and vegans as it contains no animal fats.  As a natural soap our organic Castile contains no SLS and is fragrance free prior to adding our unique blend of essential oils. Castile is extremely versatile, it can be used in place of other soaps as a hand and body wash and also in place of shampoo.​

Its improved pH balance allows for these soaps to be used on a daily basis without being harsh on your hair follicles and skin. Our unique blending techniques allow us to turn an effective liquid and solid state soap into a Gold Cup Beard winning product - voted by 99% of our customers as the best Beard shampoo and soap bars they've ever used.