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  • Beard Growth Oil: Fact or Fiction?

    Let me start off by saying that there is no oil that makes your beard grow faster or fuller simply by it's mere existence on your face anymore than some weight loss potion will magically make you lose weight by simply drinking it. However, the proper oil, applied to your beard (and more specifically the skin under your beard) can help your beard growth. Don't be super disappointed in that face. Instead, be glad that there is a path to helping your beard grow faster and fuller in spite of the gloriously lie laden ads for beard growth oil that you will certainly see out there.
  • How Can I Grow A Beard Faster or Thicker?

    A few weeks ago, I was in the local coffee shop choking down a cup of go-go juice. As I sat there, a man sitting at the next table caught my attention and said: "Can I ask you a personal question?" Not overthinking about it, I said, "sure!" 
  • Exposed: Top Beard Comb Secrets

    It may not be as hot a topic as Brad and Angelina having some stupid argument in the streets of Hollywood, but, as for as your face and beard are concerned, it's bigger. What's bigger? Beard combs secrets, of course.
  • Beard Oil: The 7 Top Questions For 2020

    The first beard showed up in this world about 20 to 30 years after God created the first man. That is unless the first boy child was born with a full beard in-tact. In all seriousness, beards have been around a long, long time.