The Importance of Beard Oil - Tactical Beard Care

Every day we get emails and phone calls from customers and our clientele asking why do Beards Itch so much. Unfortunately it something that a lot of us have to go through during our journey into Beard Gods.

For the folicle gifted induviduals they too have to put up with the dreaded itch and the best way to combat these regaulr scratching episodes is to keep your beard and skin hydrated.

Here is were a good quailty Beard Oil comes into play. Take fo instance our oils, we handcraft each bottle to ensure its the highest quailty possible with only the best organic ingredients.

Organic Sweet almond oil

Organic Jojoba oil

Organic Argan oil

Organic Vitamin E

Organic Grapeseed oil

Organically sourced essential oils 


Each and every carrier oil and added Vitamins play a vital role in keeping your skin in its best condition beacuse growing a beard actually deprives the skin underneath it from some naturally occuring essential things such as - sun light. Sun light in moderation is in fact great for yuor skin health and naturally helps you produce vitamin D and it also promotes the occurance of natural oils deep with in the skin layers. Without these oils your skin becomes dry and flakey, You may have noticed this in your beard already. We in the industry call it Beard Druff - Dandruff in fact.

Our oil help eleviate these effects and help hydrate and manage your skins defences by giving them a huge hit of everythign they need.

Ideally we'd recommend that you oil your beard day and night and also use a blam in between to help style and product you beard from the outside enviroment.

Be wise, use oils!