Exposed: Top Beard Comb Secrets

Exposed: Top Beard Comb Secrets

Ron Lyons
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SECRETS EXPOSED: Beard Company Insider Reveals Beard Comb Secrets

Ron Lyons Owner of tactical Beards

Ron Lyons
Former police officer, writer and owner of Tactical Beards. Lyons offers insights, tips, tricks and wisdom regarding one of man's most coveted items: the beard. 

Beard Comb Secret #1: Metal Combs can actually rock

It may not be as hot a topic as Brad and Angelina having some stupid argument in the streets of Hollywood, but, as far as your face and beard are concerned, it's bigger. What's bigger? Beard comb secrets, of course.

So what are the secrets surrounding beard combs? Well, one has to do with the material of which they are made. Here's the deal: most beard comb manufacturers don't make steel or metal beard combs. Usually, the majority of beard comb companies make them from wood or some form of bone. So, as you can guess, they have to have a common enemy. Enter: the metal beard comb.

The prevailing thought is that metal beard combs are stamped out of some alloy or possibly steel and that they tend to have micro-edges that are rough and will grab the whiskers right off your face and give your beard hell. Well, that may be the case with some beard combs that are made from metal, but here a big secret: they aren't all stamped out of metal with rough edges!

Take, for example, our Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs. Each one is crafted (get that?) yes, crafted, out of American T-304 Stainless Steel that is shipped up to Canada where some fine craftsmen bench make each one. Part of this amazing process is the "mirror polishing" of the comb's teeth. Yes, mirror polishing. That, my friends, is what makes these combs not snag and grab your beard as a typical metal comb could.

There is an inherent quality to T-304 Stainless Steel that many people don't know about (including many of the metal beard comb haters out there), and that is the fact that this particular type of stainless steel is very resistant to static electricity. There you go. Another secret revealed. The age-old argument that metal beard combs make for a static beard is just not applicable to our combs. Not even close.

Beard Comb Secret #2: Combing your beard is important in more than one way

The fact is that combing your beard may be useful for you in more than the distinct ways. So what are the obvious ways? Well, let's see. First of all, when you comb your beard, you are helping to distribute your "sebum" throughout your beard evenly. It doesn't sound very comforting. Well, before you get all wound up, sebum is an excellent thing for your beard. Having it well distributed throughout your beard is even better.

Sebum is the natural, oily substance that your sebaceous glands produce to keep your skin and hair healthy. When you are producing too little sebum, your skin and hair (read: beard) can get dry and flaky, not to mention itchy. Of course, too much is also a bad thing. You might call a condition of too much sebum "oily skin" or "greasy hair." 

So what's the secret? Well, part of it is that by combing your beard regularly, you can equally distribute this magical substance throughout your beard and bring all of the beautiful effects to all parts of your beard. When you don't comb your beard often, the sebum will tend to collect closest to the follicle and not work its magic on your glorious beard. Of course, the longer your beard gets, the more important this is.

The other way that combing your beard may provide some real benefit to you is by allowing you that time to connect with your beard. Sound super weird? Well, it is, but here's the thing. A beard is an exercise in patience and effort. You spend so much time trying to grow your beard, take care of it, and trim it just right, or at least you should. The time that you put into developing a great beard should be followed by time to sit in the mirror and comb it, shape it, and generally feel good about it. It's much like staring at your beautiful car after you spend all day washing, waxing, and prepping it. Don't be bashful. Enjoy your beard as you comb it and consider all of your hard work.

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Beard Comb Secret #3: Metal Combs Do More Than Comb Your Beard

Metal beard combs offer something about which many of our bearded brothers know nothing. So, consider yourself lucky, because I'm going to share this little treat with you. 

When you are applying your beard oil or beard butter, you know,m the stuff that nourishes and conditions your beard? Heat your metal (preferably stainless steel) comb under hot, running water. After it is thoroughly warmed up, quickly dry it with a soft, absorbent towel then use that bad boy like a hot comb to really (and I mean REALLY) spread that beard product throughout your beard. Amazing things follow; trust me.

One of the difficult things to do effectively is distribute your beard product through your beard with palms and fingers. That problem has now been effectively erased with this little secret that I've shared with you. 

Here's the proverbial frosting on the bearded cake: once you use the stainless steel comb to pull and push your beard products throughout your beard, you can just put it right back under hot water for a moment or two to rinse the excess off the comb. There, done. Clean comb ready for the best use. You can thank me later.

Mainly, the metal beard combs (Like our Bisson Stainless Steel Beard Combs) can be excellent for you, and your beard. What's is important is that you get mirror-polished teeth to avoid grabbing and tearing at your beard. Of course, the comb looks as badass as ours do and have a lifetime warranty against any damage for as long as the original purchaser owns the beard comb, then you can't go wrong. 

When you have the proper beard comb, spending time combing your beard can help distribute your natural sebum, which will make for a soft, supple, and healthier beard. There is also a psychological effect that takes place when you spend time combing and admiring your beard. It's the "payoff" if you will. It's the time that you get to admire all of your hard work and shape and train it to be precisely what you always wanted it to be.

Finally, a great stainless steel comb can be heated up under hot water and used as a sort of "hot comb," which will help spread your favorite beard products throughout your beard. This process is immensely better than trying to accomplish this with just your fingers.

Bottom line: grab a fantastic metal beard comb and change your beard life for the better. You can start here: Our stainless steel beard combs.

Bisson Stainless Steel Combs

Our artisan crafted Tactical & Bisson Stainless Steel beard and mustache combs are one of the best gifts you can give your face. Why? Let's see, first, they are durable, as in "pass on to your son" durable. Second, they resist oils and chemicals better than plastic or wood. Third, you can heat them up under warm, running water and really help distribute our Tactical Beard products. Fourth, these combs remove static from your beard and finally, -they just look badass. Be tactical, be intentional and use one of our combs. Your face will love you.

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