Beard Growth Oil: Fact or Fiction?

Beard Growth Oil: Fact or Fiction?

Ron Lyons
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Beard Growth Oil, Just The Facts Ma'am

Ron Lyons

Former police officer, writer and owner of Tactical Beards. Lyons offers insights, tips, tricks and wisdom regarding one of man's most coveted items: the beard.

One of the most searched topics by men with beards and men wanting beards is "does beard growth oil really work?" So that's the topic for today. We will dive into the the world of beard growth oils and determine whether they are worth the money or not. 

One has to wonder what it is that motivates a man to want a beard in the first place. For some, it's all about the "look." For others, it's a symbol of strength and virility. No matter why men want to grow their beards, the time that it takes to grow a great, full beard is never fast enough. Therefore, many men turn to the internet and start their quest for a way to make their beard grow faster. In the end, the concepts of beard growth oils and beard growth vitamins (along with an assortment of other products and gadgets) show up on the Google search results. 

The question is, do any of them work? And since beard growth oil is the most proclaimed beard product on the market and in all of the beard growth oil reviews, then the greater question is "does beard growth oil work?" And I do have the answer, but you'll have to read along to get to the answer because it's not a simple yes or no answer. But, it is worth reading further to get a full understanding of the truth.

Let me start off by saying that there is no oil that makes your beard grow faster or fuller simply by it's mere existence on your face anymore than some weight loss potion will magically make you lose weight by simply drinking it. However, the proper oil, applied to your beard (and more specifically the skin under your beard) can help your beard growth. Don't be super disappointed in that face. Instead, be glad that there is a path to helping your beard grow faster and fuller in spite of the gloriously lie laden ads for beard growth oil that you will certainly see out there.

If you consider that one of the most appealing things about a beard is the fact that most men can't grow one (not due to a physiological issue but rather a patience issue) then you start to realize the reason that some men search for beard growth oils. The truth is, your beard is going to grow as fast as your beard is going to grow and it is based on physiological considerations that you simply cannot correct with a bottle of oil. Things such as genetics and age, testosterone level, DHT levels and more. However, there is some things that you can control that will help your beard grow much faster than if you were to forgo these things you will soon learn about.

The primary thing that you can do to help your beard grow faster and fuller is STOP SHAVING AND TRIMMING. Yes, that seems obvious, but the truth is, most men who complain about their beard not growing fast enough are habitual beard trimmers (not the electric type mind you, but rather those who prefer to mess with their beards way too much while in the growth phase.) If you were to take an honest look at those who "trim" their beards, you would find that they just can't help getting carried away with the whole process. It starts with just trimming the "fly away" or wild hairs, but in moments, more beard growth than necessary has been trimmed away. It's a fact.

The second most important aspect for beard growth is taking very good care of your beard skin. What is beard skin? It's the skin underneath the growing beard. Beard skin is the part of your face where your beard grows. This is the specific part of your face where you need to focus efforts at keeping your pores clean and your skin hydrated and healthy. In a sense, it's not so much that you can "make" your beard grow faster by taking care of this area, but rather that you can pave the way for your beard to grow as fast as possible by not "slowing" its growth.

One of the best ways to take great care of your beard skin is to apply an oil that is made for that skin. In a perfect world, the oil would be all natural and comprised of oils and butters that mimic your own skins oils and produce excellent skin hydrating and moisturising benefits. The good news is that tactical Beard Oil is exactly that. Our beard oil contains Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Abyssinian Seed Oil, and 100% Pure Essential & Fragrant Oils. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Each ingredient is uniquely sourced and added to our recipe for very specific reasons. 

Here's an interesting fact: our beard oil can be used as a skin serum even if you don't have a beard and have no intentions of growing one. However, if you do want to grow a beard faster and fuller, this may be one of the best allies your future beard can possible have. But, there's more to getting your skin rockin healthy and ready for a great beard and that is your skin cleansing routine, or more specifically, what you choose to use to clean your face and beard.

At Tactical Beards, we have two great options for cleaning your skin and beard. One is our hard soap called the tactical Beard, Face & Moustache Soap and the other is our Aloe & Hemp Beard Wash. Both of these products will make your face ready for superior beard growth by helping exfoliate your skin, clean your pores and create a very promising environment for our Tactical Beard Oil to come in and do its job. Again, this is not some hyped up snake oil product called a "beard growth oil" but rather a real deal, honest to goodness, skin and beard oil that will truly help you achieve your goals.

So what about beard growth vitamins? Do they work? Here's the deal. If you have certain imbalances of vitamins or minerals within your system, you may experience weaker or less than perfect beard growth (or hair, nails, etc.) however, there is not a particular vitamin that speeds up the beard growth process. Many times beard companies cash in on the hype and knowledge that under informed consumers are  looking for a magic bullet or potion to make their beards grow faster. As such, they take a basic multi-vitamin and label it a "beard growth formula" or "beard growth vitamins" and sell them at much increased price points. This is unfortunate.

To summarize, get your face clean, use an oil made specifically for skin and beards and stop trimming and shaving. Within about 6-8 weeks, you'll know exactly how your beard is going to grow, where it's going to grow more and less and even what color your beard will be. 

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